“We make great ideas come to life.”

A human-led

service design practice.

We help organisations understand and solve complex problems through human-centered design methods.

Trusted by organisations such as

We're a practice, not an agency.


We work with clients, to help them understand and solve complex problems.


Our goal is to ensure our clients feel empowered by our research, and gain clarity around where to deliver value in the short, medium and long term.


We help teams build service level prototypes that be used to gain additional levels of context.


We help teams break apart the basic needs of a service for the people using it. We explore how to implement this in the most cost efficient way.

We are a team of 'one'.

Intentionally small to drive big impact.

About Us

Our team is primarily made up of Gerry Scullion. We utilise Gerry’s international design associate network to scale up as required by our clients.

By doing this, we not only provide access to some of the worlds finest design talent, but we can provide our services at a much more affordable price-point.

We differentiate ourselves from the typical agencies and consultancies as we prefer to position ourselves as design partners – building a shared longer-term vision together.


Hear from happy clients

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“...working with Gerry is a pleasure. Not only does he make sure he works in a positive, engaging and collaborative work environment but he excels at what he does.”
Emer Kenna
Bank of Ireland
"...His approach to solving business problems is truly remarkable as he looks at both the bigger picture but eventually gets down to the nitty gritty of things."
Johann Loibl
Head of CX
"...His ability to demarcate and sanitise his research into discrete product sets was superlative. I valued his insights and perspectives and gained perpetual value from his hard work and effort."
Julian Huxham
Director of NSW Government
"Gerry is always keen to share his thoughts on how to provide optimal customer experience through innovative designs and I found his passion for design to be infectious. It was refreshing to work with someone who puts so much into their designs."
Josh Lumbe
Scrum Master
Why us

Still unsure?

Here are 3 reasons you should partner with us!
Years of Experience

We've had quite a run in our 7+ years of operation with successful project launches across North America and Europe and dozens of viral campaigns.

Satisfied Clients

We believe that the surest measure of success is when a client partners with us more than once. Over half our clients stay with us for longer than a single project.

Podcast Downloads

This is HCD is one of the most popular Design Podcasts on the internet. Our network is made up of people from 4-corners of the Design world.