Product Design is the manifestation of the user’s needs that were both identified, determined and prioritised with users during the Research phase.

At Humana, we are a skilled consultancy that helps businesses identify the right product to build. We do this by conducting a thorough understanding of the processes both for the user, but also behind the scenes within the business.

We’ve empowered organisations to improve their internal and external efficiencies by identifying business and user pain-points. Once we have identified and framed the opportunities, we can help businesses with the design of products (software, websites, applications).

We are different

We are a little bit different to how other strategic design consultancies operate, as we like to embed ourselves and provide a scaffolding around a team to ensure that the product is getting designed correctly. We want you to succeed above everything else. We do this using by using the best design practices, both an interaction design perspective, but also the methodology of how to physically design and build products.