Part-time UX Testing assistant

We have a short-term requirement for a part-time UX testing assistant (5-days) to help the team towards the end of April 2017.

The assistant will support the user experience consultant during 12 usability and feedback testing sessions held at Humana Design.

What the successful candidate looks like
  • Has some experience supporting usability sessions
  • Has some experience taking notes in a structured and formalised manner (data logging)
  • Be professional in appearance and approach
  • Have experience with taking instructions and writing test plans
  • Help synthesise and provide input into the final report
  • Highly desirable: Degree/Masters in a design discipline such as Industrial Design, Product Design

We are happy to help candidates get up to speed and demonstrate how sessions will run. This is a great opportunity looking to get into the field of user experience and looking to get some real world experience.

Please send expressions of interest for this role to Be sure to include links to recent work (if any) and a short resume.




We are hiring: Mid-senior level user experience consultant

We are looking for 2 mid-senior consultants to join the team on a contractual basis.

In order to be considered for this role you must have a background and demonstrated experience in articulation of human needs. At Humana we believe every designer should conduct research to really get the dirt under their nails.

Do you look like a Humana-tarian?

  • Ideally you will have studied Design or related degrees , but this is not a requirement in any shape or form
  • 3-5 years experience design experience
  • Demonstrated aptitude for self-learning and self-development
  • You are a naturally curious person and enjoy asking ‘Why?’
  • Have learned the importance of design through collaboration and diversity
  • You are a natural story teller, with strong communication skills
  • You have impeccable personal time management
  • You have a personality that is engaging and ‘fun’
  • You’ve developed skills to understand people at a deep level. You are able to articulate and represent the human perspective in your day to day role
  • Bonus: Ability to hand sketch and visualise thoughts (thoughts that are not always your own!)

What you will be responsible for

  • Facilitating workshops to gain stakeholder involvement and buy in
  • Conducting user interviews
  • Conducting user testing
  • Report creation
  • Creation of both lo-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes
  • Create design briefs based on project proposals and client feedback
  • Managing your own time, and delivery of key parts of projects

Why work for Humana?

  • We are fresh-faced and hungry to deliver world class experiences for our clients through design (this may sound like a cliché but it’s not)
  • Our business is built around honesty and integrity. We do the right thing
  • We know that people have lives. We know ‘work’ is not the only thing that happens between the hours of 9-5
  • We believe that Design can change the world and make it a better place. We want to spearhead a movement
  • Our team is small, so you work directly with thought-leaders
  • Room to step up and grow within the business
  • We’d like to have a pool table in the future, to add to this list, but in reality, we’d probably prefer a wii or a book shelf


Like to learn more? Get in touch now to set up a time to grab a coffee.

p.s We don’t need a resume, just a LinkedIn profile will do 😉