Humana delighted to be sponsoring & hosting This is

We are delighted to be hosting and sponsoring a new Breakfast Podcast session, in our offices once a month.

The format is a little bit different to the traditional MeetUp type event that you might be more familiar with. The structure of this event is aimed at creating a more diverse and inclusive conversation between people entering the industry and more established design talent. 4 people will be selected to attend. The conversation over a beautiful breakfast will be recorded and shared out to the wider community a few days later.

Only 3-4 people will be selected to attend plus a selected Guest each month. The conversation over a beautiful breakfast will be recorded and shared out to the wider community a few days later.

This is Mission statement

What we hope ‘This is HCD‘ will achieve:

  1. Create valuable content about topics related to human-centered design
  2. Create events that include the voices of a represented audience (entry level through to senior level and beyond)
  3. Make the content more accessible to people who find it hard to get to the events, but don’t want to have to trail through hours of content. Podcasts are capped at 30 minutes – just the perfect time for your morning or evening commute home
  4. All people on the podcast will receive placement on the credits for each episode
  5. Create a charitable revenue stream by selling advertising on this website, and within each Podcast. 100% of the revenue generated will go to a nominated charity.

Part-time UX Testing assistant

We have a short-term requirement for a part-time UX testing assistant (5-days) to help the team towards the end of April 2017.

The assistant will support the user experience consultant during 12 usability and feedback testing sessions held at Humana Design.

What the successful candidate looks like
  • Has some experience supporting usability sessions
  • Has some experience taking notes in a structured and formalised manner (data logging)
  • Be professional in appearance and approach
  • Have experience with taking instructions and writing test plans
  • Help synthesise and provide input into the final report
  • Highly desirable: Degree/Masters in a design discipline such as Industrial Design, Product Design

We are happy to help candidates get up to speed and demonstrate how sessions will run. This is a great opportunity looking to get into the field of user experience and looking to get some real world experience.

Please send expressions of interest for this role to Be sure to include links to recent work (if any) and a short resume.




Gerry confirmed to speak in Edinburgh at UX Scotland 2017

Gerry has been confirmed as a case study speaker at UX Scotland 2017 in Edinburgh. He will be speaking about ‘Designing for Vulnerable Children’ regarding the work that he has been doing for the NSW Department of Justice over the last 12-18 months.

There’s some excellent design talent speaking at the conference, with people from BBC,, Shopify, Adobe as well as keynote speakers Jarod Spool (Co-Found of UIE), Dana Chisnell (Co-Director for Civic Design), and Alberta Sorenz (Director of End-to-End Service Design at Lloyds Banking Group).

Tickets are on sale now at


6 Rules to unlock creative power in the workplace

I saw an excellent post by IDEO (you can follow them on Instagram) recently that sums up the key points to enable creativity in the workplace.

We’ve added and built upon these ideas (much like #2!)

Rules to work and live by

  1. ENCOURAGE wild ideas. The wilder the better!
  2. BUILD on the ideas of others. Foster healthy verbal ‘ping-pong’ sessions. Dedicate walls for sharing these ideas!
  3. DEFER judgement. Don’t be a ‘con-killer’ (conversation killer)
  4. STAY FOCUSSED on the topic. Define the problem initially, and always refer back to the objectives.
  5. ONE CONVERSATION at a time. Everyones voice is important, so respect the use of it! Using your ears is 95% of an effective conversation!
  6. BE VISUAL. Use whiteboards. Use paper. Use plasticine. Whatever works for you…