Improving customer comprehension


A typical customer journey for a Zip customer begins whilst in a Merchant’s cart. The payment options are listed, Credit Card, PayPay, and Zip.

Customers signup, and are not aware of what is involved in the sign-up process. Many customers struggle with how it works. Is it a credit card? How much do I need to pay back? Is it free? Can I apply for a certain limit? How do they approve people so quickly? What happens if I get rejected? Do they do credit checks?

Looking online, you find that customers believe that the approval process is closer to a game of chance than that of a financial application process.

All of these problems dissipate periodically if they are approved, but will reappear again later in the customer journey. It’s important that the customers are made aware, and are better educated about what it is they are signing up for, how it works, so they can make a better and more informed choice.

Landing page iterations based on customer feedback

Updated version
This concept uses a timeline approach and introduces iconography to improve the scalability of the information. This concept is taken from the moment that the customer has left the merchant’s website and arrives onto

Existing customers need to be able to log in.

New customers need to be able to;

  1. Understand what it is
  2. How it works


V.4 tested very positively with customers. Comprehension went up

Note: This is part of a larger case study. For a private viewing, please get in touch.

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