We are hiring: Mid-senior level user experience consultant

We are looking for 2 mid-senior consultants to join the team on a contractual basis.

In order to be considered for this role you must have a background and demonstrated experience in articulation of human needs. At Humana we believe every designer should conduct research to really get the dirt under their nails.

Do you look like a Humana-tarian?

  • Ideally you will have studied Design or related degrees , but this is not a requirement in any shape or form
  • 3-5 years experience design experience
  • Demonstrated aptitude for self-learning and self-development
  • You are a naturally curious person and enjoy asking ‘Why?’
  • Have learned the importance of design through collaboration and diversity
  • You are a natural story teller, with strong communication skills
  • You have impeccable personal time management
  • You have a personality that is engaging and ‘fun’
  • You’ve developed skills to understand people at a deep level. You are able to articulate and represent the human perspective in your day to day role
  • Bonus: Ability to hand sketch and visualise thoughts (thoughts that are not always your own!)

What you will be responsible for

  • Facilitating workshops to gain stakeholder involvement and buy in
  • Conducting user interviews
  • Conducting user testing
  • Report creation
  • Creation of both lo-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes
  • Create design briefs based on project proposals and client feedback
  • Managing your own time, and delivery of key parts of projects

Why work for Humana?

  • We are fresh-faced and hungry to deliver world class experiences for our clients through design (this may sound like a cliché but it’s not)
  • Our business is built around honesty and integrity. We do the right thing
  • We know that people have lives. We know ‘work’ is not the only thing that happens between the hours of 9-5
  • We believe that Design can change the world and make it a better place. We want to spearhead a movement
  • Our team is small, so you work directly with thought-leaders
  • Room to step up and grow within the business
  • We’d like to have a pool table in the future, to add to this list, but in reality, we’d probably prefer a wii or a book shelf


Like to learn more? Get in touch now to set up a time to grab a coffee.

p.s We don’t need a resume, just a LinkedIn profile will do 😉

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