How does Service Design & Product Management Co-Exist

On Tuesday, I delivered a talk ‘How does Service Design & Product Management Co-Exist’ with Adrienne Tan from Brainmates in Sydney.

This topic is a really important one for businesses of all sizes, as the (traditional) role of User Experience Designer becomes harder to define, especially within the business context.

Within this talk, we covered topics such as

Who owns what? Who does what? Do I need a Product Manager? What’s the difference between a User experience consultant vs a Service Designer?

A big thank you to everybody who came and participated in the lively Q+A and discussion afterwards.

Finally, a big thanks to Brainmates for inviting me to speak and also to Kai from Offscreen Magazine, who kindly donated 10 of his amazing magazines for the event. Thanks Kai!

Here are the slides for the talk: