What our clients say

In the final stages, before we released our educational video startup, I asked Humana to road test our soon-to-be-launched product with real teachers. The analysis, feedback and recommendations that Humana provided was simply fantastic and helped us to fine tune our product value and helped to identify user experience pain points before we went live. Quite simply we can’t afford not to work with Humana! 

Stefan Savva (Enhance TV)

Brainmates hired Humana & Gerry to share his insights and share his knowledge on User Experience for a Fintech client. Gerry arrived, well prepared and delivered a thoughtful and entertaining presentation on User Experience. Next time our clients need some User Experience help, Gerry & Humana will be the first person we’d call. Gerry and his ethos fits very well within our Product Management suite of services

Adrienne Tan (Brainmates)

I recently engaged Humana to undertake a heuristic review of PlanDo.com. Humana provided clear structured analysis and recommendations. They took a deep interest in the subject to ensure they understood the brief correctly and stayed in regular contact with me throughout the project. The output was well regarded by the team and will be integral to our plans moving forward. We look forward to working with Humana again in the future.

Lara Gray (PlanDo)

Gerry went above and beyond when Humana consulted for News Corp. His research process was so thoughtful, and his resulting UX and design recommendations demonstrated an exceptional understanding of the audience and publishing industry. Aside from producing outstanding work, Humana were a dream to work with – organised, detail-oriented and even wrapped up the project early.

Rikki Mortimore (News Corp)

Humana & Gerry has proved invaluable in helping news.com.au redefine our native content offering to a model with the user at it’s heart and centre. Gerry’s professionalism, expertise and the work he delivered turned a complex challenge into an interesting and rewarding experience, providing measurable value by defining the needs of our readership when it came to creating premium native content. All of this packaged up in a genuinely lovely and personable professional, who naturally put all stakeholders at ease in every situation, made working with Gerry & Humana an absolute pleasure. I look forward to working with them again in the near future.

Shani Vadher (News.com.au)

Gerry is a thoroughly dedicated designer.

He is excellent at identifying the appropriate research activities, conducting them, and applying his analytic and design skills to developing suitable solutions.

He is consummate at engaging stakeholders and collaboration so that the design process really does become a customer-focused business-owned journey.

He has a wide range of across-the-board skills, so that he can usefully engage in any part of the research/design process.

Gerry Gaffney (Information & Design)

I had the pleasure of working with Gerry & Humana over the last 18 months and found his research and synthesis to be exemplary. His sensitivity to what was a particularly difficult topic was manifest and he conducted the stakeholder engagement activities in a manner that was always professional and transparent. His ability to demarcate and sanitise his research into discrete product sets was superlative. I valued his insights and perspectives and gained perpetual value from his hard work and effort. A reliable and productive – and positive member of the team. I would value being able to work with him again at any stage.

Julian Huxham (NSW Department of Justice)